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Reflective           Transformative           Totally Inclusive

8 sessions designed for busy teachers to discover ‘what we learn’, ‘why we learn it’ and ‘how we learn it’

The Global Curriculum Reading Group offers participants the opportunity to explore the origins of knowledge, global teaching pedagogies and how to apply this in practice.

Global Curriculum Reading Group: Projects
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Each session is structured around a specific theme and a series of
thought-provoking questions. Prior to each session, a selection of texts, journal articles, exclusive interviews and music will be uploaded to create discussion points and open engagement pathways.

We meet online as a group for 1-hour in a seminar-style format. Our
aim is to explore ways in which we can positively develop an aspect of our teaching commensurate with the ideas and themes we examine.

The GCRG complements the Global Curriculum Pathway.


Session 1    Exploring the ‘decolonised’ curriculum

Session 2    Fact, fiction and why we know what we know

Session 3    Knowledge, knowing and global pedagogies
Session 4    Allyship to coalition: self-actualisation in the curriculum
Session 5   Local to global: making the global local in your classroom
Session 6    Subject disciplines and trans-disciplinarity
Session 7    Community, challenge and opportunity in your classroom
Session 8    Language, learning and global classroom culture

Each session is standalone. Teachers are free to attend as their schedule allows. 

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